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- Commitment -


1- Professional Experience

Lapel Pin production is much more complex than it looks.  But our 30 years experience gives us the expertise to meet your requirements with technological achievement and a total commitment to quality.

2- On-time Delivery

Because your orders are time-sensitive, we care as much about delivery as we do about quality.  We use strict production and shipment control systems to ensure that your products are manufactured to the best possible standard and shipped out on or ahead of schedule.

3- Prompt Service

Our commitment to total customer's satisfaction is reflected in our work:

  • Business hours: 9am to 9pm, Monday to Friday.
  • All faxes and e-mails received before 5:30pm receive a same-day reply.
  • Our English-speaking staff is available until 9pm to serve customers in
    different time zones and handle urgent issues.
  • We confirm orders and shipment schedule the next working day.
  • Shipment advice is transmitted to you the day your order is shipped.

4- State-of-the-art Equipment

We only use the most modern equipment incorporating the latest technological innovations to guarantee accurate, high quality products.

5- Full After-Sales Service

Our 100% after-sales service is the best.  If the product does not meet your strict requirements, we can provide immediate remakes at no extra cost to you.

6- Communication

  • Intranet leased lines

Our corporate intranet ensures seamless communication among our offices in Taipei , Hong Kong, and China offices.  In addition to the normal communication facilities of phone, fax, and e-mail, all our offices and factories are connected by dedicated leased lines to our in-house internet server.  All e-mails are delivered simultaneously to the correct addresses at their workstations.

  • Internet Telephone

To save some time and cost, customers may contact us using the internet phone system.

  • FTP Server

To increase efficiency and enhance customer service, we have installed an FTP server to facilitate customer transmission of artworks and drawings.

  • Software Supporting

Weight calculation System - It not only tells you the weight of goods, but also gives you the special freight charge we get from couriers, such as Fedex, DHL, TNT... etc for comparison.

More software - Other software are under development and will be ready for you very soon:  Mass e-mailing software / Customer Management software / Sales Management software...

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